Need help with court date

My background info: I’m going through a divorce and need to file bankruptcy, but I haven’t been able to start because I have to pay the attorney $1300 so I’ve been making monthly pmts to him. Most of the creditors stopped bugging me when I gave them his phone number, but…

**I have one creditor taking me to court. It’s not even that much, a little over $1,000.

So I just wanted to know, what do I bring with me to the trial? Should I bring proof of everything that I owe, and the paperwork I got that shows that our house is being forclosed on? Will any of this help? Can I make an arrangement with them at the trial, or will the court say I am too late and give them permission to garnish my wages?

Anyone been through this before?

Trial is tomorrow morning, and although I would love to bury my head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening, that’s not an option. I need to call up my inner warriors lol.

Thanks for your help!

courtCall your lawyer, if you are making payments to him he should at least tell you what to do, if not call the court clerks office, explain your situation You may be able to file an extension.

After you file BK all judgements, liens and garnishments are stopped. So hurrry up to get the lump sum to the lawyer, I’m assuming you aren’t paying any other creditors.

Are you chap 13 or 7, if its 13 why isn’t the lawyer just putting his fee into you chap 13? Hope that helps, good luck, go warrior go,:)

Maybe your attorney can help you and give you advice??