Budgeting question

No kidding! I work PT and have at least 18 hours a week from that. But, sometimes I have more. Now, as I also get SSI from blindness (disability type I think) I can fluctuate a lot in that. For example, they see I had 3 paydays in December, so they at SSA are cutting my benefits by about $225.00 in February. The third payday was on the 29th and went to January’s bills, but they do not care, I am docked heavily.

SOOOOOOOOO, out of January, I must take that money and put it into my bank account for February’s bills. As a collector’s taking $300.00 a month, I must make sure that, and the house insurance money is there. If not, I shall be in a world of hurt if they do not get paid.

So, month to month, SSA lets me know what THEY think I can live on and deal with it I must. I can’t pre budget much that way, but I do have roommate’s rent which is reliable, and can figure 18 hours a week at least. anything over that, once calculated for two months ahead, is budget-able.

When I first took the job I have now, I was on an hourly scale. I tried so hard never to take off, because I knew I could not make it to the next week paycheck if I did. I have been salaried for about 4 weeks now, and my check only fluctuates one time a month for dental insurance. But it is still hard to budget when you depend on someone else’s money, like a spouse, who is seasonal in employment and has bad back, so I have learned that I cannot depend on that money, all has to be done with mine.

It’s really hard when your hours vary week to week. Also right now (January thru March) the hours where i work get cut way back. The store doesn’t get a lot of business in these months so they cut hours to help cover their expenses without caring we have bills to pay too. Last year i was getting 12 hours a week most of the time and that’s not enough to even cover half the rent on the cheapest place so I had to move in with my parents (who charge me $300 a month plus half the electric bill and I buy food for my son and me).