Renting usually requires first

You still should have a few thousand then, Renting (out here in Southern California) usually requires first, last month’s rent and a security deposit. and with most apartments going for the region of $1200-$1950.00 a month…. Never mind turning on any utilities yet….

Same applies in Northern California although the rent for a decent place may be as much as $1500 to start. If I hadn’t bought the family home, I don’t know how I would have done it.

I can’t remember where I read it, but I saw on one website your credit score can be improved by starting a savings account. Not a bad idea.. even if it didn’t improve ones score! 🙂

That’s the reason we left Los Angeles…could not afford housing there. I managed an apartment building for 6 years which allowed me to stay home and eventually have a child, but apartment managing got old and tired and I wanted a house. Can’t afford $600,000.00 and much higher for a house, so we moved to West Virginia, where the bulk of my family is from and we got a huge house for a fifth of what I would have paid for the same square footage in So Cal, which means I still get to stay home and be with my 3 year old.

That is the good thing about living in a small community, isn’t it! I live in a rural area, and I could rent another house for about 1000.00, because most here (east Tx) require 1st month + deposit. Or, we could stay with friends and family who would let us stay.

Credit cards are simply not an option for me, as I cannot afford to take on any more bills than I already have. Husband is in construction and has a bad back, so we will go 6 weeks at a time with no work. Then it is totally up to me to foot the bills, because he doesn’t make enough to set anything back when he does work. My money, sometimes only 1200/mo., does not last long when you pay rent, water, electric, phone, etc…, plus have kids living at home that you have to feed.

The good thing about the house I was looking at was that it was in my monthly rent range, and with income tax coming up, I would have enough for the down payment and at least 3 months payments, plus transfer of utilities.

I can’t live my life on it’s and buts. I am in the here and now, and if’s and buts do not apply to my life or my lifestyle. I truly think that if I can’t buy it with cash, I do not need it. The needs are taken care of, the wants are when we can afford them. Everyone here knows what to expect, and know that if I don’t have it, we don’t get it, regardless. Thank you for your opinion, it helps to see someone who has the same mindset on credit cards as I do!