You would have to have a few thousand in a bank account

If you haven’t a card, then I guess you would have to have a few thousand in a bank account. What if your home burned down and you have NO family? No card for a motel room, for food, for an extra set of clothing?

How would you meet the deductible on your house insurance to rebuild?

It isn’t always best to not have one at all, I feel the point is to be responsible and NOT use it for anything other than a real fat emergency.

I don’t think having a credit card is necessarily a bad thing, it is what we DO with the card.

When a family friend came down with a “hygienic problem”, my mother said: “It isn’t a disgrace to GET it, but it is a disgrace to KEEP it” and we helped her with it. Same with credit cards. I have one I will not use at all until we in CA get ‘The Big One’ or something major happens to my home.

No, I don’t have a few thousand in my bank account, and I guess if my house burned down, I would have to rent another one, which is what I am doing now. I don’t want a credit card, quite simply for the fact that I believe that if I don’t have the money, then I don’t get what I want. I have what I need already, and a credit card is not one of them.

I did file disputes on that credit card on the basis that it was not mine and I did not sign any papers nor request the card. I also disputed one of the medical bills that had been combined with older ones so that the 7 year thing would start later. Still waiting on the results of those.

I am hoping that (a) the credit card will be removed, and (b) that the medical bill will come down to the original amount of the original debt. It looks as though they are trying to charge penalties and interest on a medical bill, but when looking at my history and finding bills on the creditor, they have combined accounts.

I have to agree with this. I own my home, and my deductible is $1,000. If I had to, I can borrow the money to meet that from family or get help from the community and my church. Having a credit card got me in trouble a few years ago, and I’ve decided since then it’s cash for everything. Then I can’t go any further into debt than my mortgage and my student loans. We have no car loans, just previous bills we’re slowly catching up on. But if one has already had issues with credit cards and have learned they are better off without them, then one learns how to manage in emergencies without them. Not that long ago, this country functioned very well on the goodness and kindness of neighbors, not on credit cards. Thankfully, in my community, we still do. 🙂